CC&C Success Story

Building Successful Corporate Training Since 2002

CC&C can create bespoke and tailored training on most architecture, IT strategy, IT governance and emerging technology topics

CC&C can create bespoke and tailored training on most architecture, IT strategy, IT governance and emerging technology topics

Global Engagement

CC&C resources pooled from four different continents

Tailored Course Development & Delivery

Structured to suits customer strategic roadmap

Empowering Architects of Tomorrow

Positioning as your career partner for “Architect of Tomorrow”

CC&C Real Life Case Study – HSBC Global

What HSBC set out to achieve

Knowledge upgrade of all “Solution Architects “ to the same level, based on an agreed Skills Maturity model

Solution Architecture modules to fit into HSBC’s proven “Zang Jing Ge Academy” offerings

Team building to create a standardised global virtual team of Solution Architects

Impart broad knowledge in all adjacent technology, design and architecture domains to any individual specialisation to create a T model (breadth in all areas and depth in one area

Conduct training based on a practical case study involving team exercises to build a complete Architecture solution during the course

Why CC&C

CC&C was selected after a global search of training organisations based on

  • High quality of instructors with banking domain and emerging technology knowledge in all global locations
  • Proven track record of training and skills transfer globally
  • Willingness to accept high levels of customisation for each region
  • Agreement for a gradual move to HSBC self sufficiency through a well planned TTT (Train The Trainer) programme
  • Ability to offer culturally sensitive training sessions

HSBC’s innovative skills program inspired by ancient Chinese culture! Enhanced by CC&C’s expertise!!

Highlights of CC&C Academy Services

Each course has two sessions (Session 1 Architecture Fundamentals session 2 : Architecting with emerging technologies)

Global coverage of over 1000 professions across HSBC operating markets

Careful pre-assessment of participants’ skills and experience fitting them into a skills maturity matrix ( L0 to L4)

Mix and match of emerging technology modules in session 2 based on the specific audience and market trends in the particular geography ( Cloud / Big data / DevOps / API & Microservices / Security / Mobile / Block Chain etc )

Right levels of breadth and depth of topics

A comprehensive case study as the core , comprising of a number of practical workshops

Extensive opportunities in the course for discussions, interactions and soft skills enhancement

Specialised TTT add-on sessions to qualify and train identified trainers in all regions