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Since 2001 CC&C has trained thousands of TOGAF practitioners. Our trainers are experienced architects who have applied TOGAF in the real world
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TOGAF is a registered trademark of The Open Group

Earn your TOGAF 9 certificate with our expert training. Our trainers are experienced architects who have applied TOGAF in the real world.

Why TOGAF 9 Certification

TOGAF® certification provides a clear path for professional development and credibility to employers. The TOGAF® Standard, a standard of The Open Group, is the open Enterprise Architecture standard used by the world’s leading organizations to improve business efficiency.

The Open Group TOGAF certification is:

  • Used by the world’s leading enterprises to certify a common body of core knowledge about the methodology and framework
  • A trusted, vendor-neutral, globally recognized and portable credential
  • Valuable in demonstrating to employers and peers your commitment to enterprise architecture as a discipline
  • An outstanding career move and a foundational certification in the career of any Enterprise Architect

Quick facts

Duration 4 Days
Delivery Method Virtual Online
Prerequisites None
Exam Voucher
Certification Yes
Course Objective

The purpose of certification for TOGAF 9 Level 1 & 2, known as TOGAF 9 Foundation & TOGAF 9 Certified, is to provide validation, knowledge and comprehension of the TOGAF specification. Upon completion of this course, the candidate should be able to analyze and apply this knowledge to their day to day work and should also be able to successfully complete the TOGAF L1 and L2 Certification Exams.

Learning Outcome
  • To learn the basic concepts of enterprise architecture and TOGAF standard.
  • To learn the features of TOGAF standard and its methodology.
  • To learn how to take best advantage of TOGAF standard in your work.
  • To gain an understanding of the necessary body of knowledge to pass the exam and
    achieve The Open Group certification.
  • How to apply the ADM phases in development of an Enterprise Architecture
  • How to apply Architecture Governance in development of an Enterprise Architecture
  • How to apply the TOGAF Architecture Content Framework
  • How to apply the concept of Building Blocks
  • How to apply the Stakeholder Management Technique
  • How to apply the TOGAF Content Metamodel
  • How to apply the TOGAF standard recommended techniques when developing an
    Enterprise Architecture
  • The TOGAF Technical Reference Model and how to customize it to meet an
    organization’s needs
  • The Integrated Information Infrastructure Reference Model
  • The content of the key deliverables of the ADM cycle
  • How an Enterprise Architecture can be partitioned to meet the specific needs of an
  • The purpose of the Architecture Repository
  • How to apply iteration and different levels of architecture with the ADM.
  • How to adapt the ADM for security
  • The role of architecture maturity models in developing an Enterprise Architecture
  • The purpose of the Architecture Skills Framework and how to apply it within an
Who Should Attend

Designed for thoseITProfessionalswhoaredesiringTOGAF
Certification, a frequent stepping stone for someone who has
been promoted into or is targeting a role as a solution architect,
typically progressing from a technical lead position. The
following specific role would likely find it useful in their work
and also helpful in moving to the next level on a natural career

    1. ● Experienced Developers
    1. ● Business Architects
    1. ● Enterprise Architects
    1. ● Business Architects
    1. ● Program/ Project Managers
    1. ● Business Analysts
    1. ● Solution Architects
    1. ● Application Architects
    1. ● Data Architects
    1. ● Information Architects
    1. ● Infrastructure Architects
    1. ● Security Architects
    1. ● Organizations that embark / implementing EA projects
Topics Covered

  • Course Introduction
  • Management Overview
  • The TOGAF Framework Components
  • An Introduction to the Architecture Development Method
  • The Enterprise Continuum
  • The Architecture Repository
  • The Architecture Content Framework
  • The Architecture Content Metamodel
  • The Preliminary Phase
  • Architecture Governance
  • Business Scenarios
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Architecture Views and Viewpoints
  • Building Blocks and the ADM
  • Architecture Implementation Support Techniques
  • Architecture Development Method Phases (ADM)
  • Migration Planning Techniques
  • ADM Requirements Management
  • Architecture Partitioning
  • Guidelines for Adapting the ADM: Iteration and Levels
  • Guidelines for Adapting the ADM: Security
  • Architecture Maturity Models
  • Architecture Skills Framework

Certification is only achieved by passing the two examinations either taken separately or together as
a combined examination.

Examination Name TOGAF 9 Part 1
Examination Type Multiple-choice examination
40 questions/60 minutes
Supervised YES
Open Book NO

Examination Name TOGAF 9 Part 2
Examination Type Complex multiple-choice scenario-based examination
8 questions/90 minutes
Supervised YES
Open Book YES1
The examination can booked online from Pearson VUE test centers