BiZZDesign Enterprise Studio Hand-on Training

Learn BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio and HariZZon in 3 days. A specialised training from CC&C Solutions.
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About BiZZdesign

BiZZdesign is recognized as a powerful business-outcome-driven enterprise architecture software, business process management, digital business strategy, enterprise architecture planning and change management tool. BiZZdesign with HoriZZon software combines powerful data integration and a central ‘insight graph’ with current to future state modelling, roadmapping and real time analytics in a single secure and flexible collaborative business design.

About the course

CC&C Solutions customisable hand-on BiZZdesign training designed by Senior Enterprise Architects and tool experts to get a team started with architecture modeling Practitioners will be introduced to all key features in BiZZdesign, with best practices and practical hands-on sessions delivered through exercises.

Quick facts

Duration 3 Days
Delivery Method Virtual Online
Examination No
Certification No

Course Overview

BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio is a collaborative enterprise architecture and business process design and modelling platform that enables integrated design and management of your organization’s strategy, processes, architecture. In this two-day course, you will learn how to apply the ArchiMate language with BiZZdesign’s powerful Enterprise Studio (BES). You will learn how BES helps you to model, analyse and transform the structure of your organization.

You will explore the full potential of BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio and related components. Following a real-life case, you will learn to integrate data from external sources and using that data to create decision-enabling deliverables. By creating a customized metamodel, you will learn to maximize the value of Enterprise Studio for your organization.

You will collaborate with other modelers on the same model package, and publish actionable results for business stakeholders using HoriZZon, BiZZdesign’s new reporting platform.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, you will:

• Know how to use BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio to model enterprise architecture
• The basic functionality of the Enterprise Studio platform
o Understand the software’s viewpoints and views
o Views & Analyses
o Navigation
o Cross model relations
o Reporting
o Metrics
• How to use BiZZdesign software to model enterprise architecture with ArchiMate®
• Roadmapping
• How to use Team Platform
• How to create dashboards
• How to design and manage your portfolios
• How to import and export data to/from Excel
• How to use HoriZZon
• Be able to collaborate on one model package using Team Server
• Be able to customize profiles and attributes via the Metamodeler
• Be able to publish and report actionable results through HoriZZon
• Be able to analyse your (application) portfolios using customized metrics.
• How to use the advanced analysis functions
• How to publish your models
• Useful tips and tricks on how to use the software efficiently
• Any specific customised request from the participants can also be included

  • This course suitable for non-users or beginners of BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio.
  • Knowledge of the ArchiMate Modeling Language