BIAN Data Architecture & Design Specialist Certification

Achieve in-depth knowledge and understanding of BIAN Architecture & Learn BIAN Business Object Modelling (BOM) in detail through practical use case

Earn the new BIAN Data Architecture & Design Specialist Certification

The objective of BIAN Data Architecture & Design Specialist is to provide knowledge and comprehension of the BIAN Architecture and BIAN Business Object Modelling (BOM). BIAN BOM provides the financial sector with a reference model for information architecture and this training would demonstrate how to customise data artifacts to your own organization context through a practical use case approach

  • Achieve in-depth knowledge and understanding of BIAN Architecture
  • Learn BIAN Business Object Modelling (BOM) in detail through practical use case
  • Focuses on design principles and elements for BAIN data architecture
  • BIAN’s pattern-based approach and its building block types
  • Be inspired to apply the BIAN Reference Architecture in your own organization and field of expertise
  • Obtain BIAN Data Architecture & Design Specialist Certification

Quick facts

Duration 2 Days
Delivery Method Virtual Online
Prerequisites None
Examination Yes
Certification Yes

Course Objective

This course is intended for professionals in the financial services industry especially data architects and data modelers, consultants and service providers to attain in-depth knowledge and practical understanding on BIAN BOM and information architecture.

Learning Objectives
  • BIAN Business Object Modelling (BOM) approach to identity business objects
  • Modelling business objects relationship relevant for financial industry
  • Understanding of the general design principles and elements of BIAN’s Architecture
Key benefits
  • It enables data professionals to leverage the benefits of BIAN and the BIAN Business Object Model (BOM)
  • It increases the knowledge and general skills of professionals regarding the BIAN BOM and
  • Control Records and enables the creation of more transparent ICT systems.
  • It provides professionals and their organizations with a competitive advantage.
Who should attend

The BIAN certification is intended for data architects, solution architects, consultants and advisors working in the banking and financial services industry. IT professionals in the following roles should consider BIAN Foundation certification:
● Enterprise Architects
● Business Architects
● Solution Architects
● Data / Information Architects
● Application Architects
● Infrastructure Architects
● Security Architects
● Modelling Analyst
● Business Analysts
● Development Team Leaders
● Experienced Developers


Basic understanding of data modelling using ArchiMate or UML would be useful.

  • Number of questions: 60
  • Duration of exam: 60 minutes
  • Pass Mark: 70%
  • Open/Closed book? Closed
  • Language: English
  • Exam delivery: Online
Topics Covered

PART I Introducing BIAN and its Reference Architecture for the financial industry
Introducing BIAN, its Framework and its principles
Explaining the BIAN Architecture

PART II Understanding the BOM approach
Documentation conventions in ArchiMate® and UML
Explaining the BOM approach
Understanding the BOM Content Pattern
Understanding the BOM Structure Pattern
Defining a business concept
Classifying: Finding the building blocks of the data model
Completing the information requirements
Documenting the BIAN BOM as Enterprise Model
Using the ArchiMate® and UML language
Managing the three-dimensional puzzle: an enterprise model
The devil is in the detail

PART III Applying the BOM approach and an enterprise data model in your
General abilities
Information Governance
Data Architecture
Data on System level